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Specialist Testing – North Shore

Alexandra Dalzell

BSc (Hons) in BioChemistry, MSc Forensic Science

BOHS IP402, IP404

Work Safe Licensed Assessor No: AA19020175

021 441 760

The Professional Choice for Asbestos Surveys, Meth,
Covid-19, Soil and Mould Testing.

Alex has been providing consultancy advice, site assessments, decontamination plans and post-decontamination clearances for hazardous substances since 2016 and more recently for Covid-19 cases in New Zealand.

With over 40 years of experience in surveying, reporting, auditing and management, we pride ourselves on providing high quality and professional surveying services, as well as consultancy and advice, for the detection and management of contaminated substances in commercial and residential properties in New Zealand.

We work with property owners, property managers, commercial construction companies, schools, project managers, insurance companies, the Ministry of Education and more.

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