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Stage It Yourself

Frances O’Duffy

Creator and Sole Owner

Mobile: 021 065 2611  e-mail: stageityourself@outlook.com

Hi, I am Frances and the creator and sole owner of Stage It Yourself.

I arrived in beautiful New Zealand in 2008 from the UK and landed a job in a well-known furniture store.  Here I found I loved helping people putting their vision and dreams together when showing them our products. I realised that I had a great flair working with furniture placement and accessorising with colours.

Working part time too for a full home stager I realised there was a niche in the marketplace to help people that had everything but were not quite sure how to put it all together for their open homes.   It was then that Stage It Yourself was born.

Over the years the company has grown and its unique concept makes people realise that ‘How we live is not how we present our homes for sale’.  I have worked with all different styles and sizes of properties and I can honestly say my passion for styling peoples house has grown.  To see people’s responses when they walk back into their bedroom or bathroom or lounge and say ‘Wow, is that my bedroom?”  “I don’t know that I want to move anymore”  or ” Can you come and make my bed every day”  makes me realise that the job I am doing is what I do best.  To hear customers say you made such a difference is fantastic, to have the ability to work with agents or directly with the customer, to be able to work any style of house or furniture piece, I know that Stage It Yourself is helping everyone get the property sold.

The unique concept I offer starts with a consultation and then the possible hire of soft furnishings and accessories to enhance all you already have for a cost-effective price with maximum results.

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